Diet Tips on the 4th of July.

Fitbit, an online scale and fitness tracker, told me yesterday that I’d climbed Angkor Wat. The day before I’d climbed “The World’s Tallest Pencil.”

Good to know.

Why?  Because today, tomorrow, until I’m planted I’ll be needing motivation to keep moving.

Here’s an article in the New York Times called “The Fat Trap”.   It is written by Tara Parker Pope, the NYT health beat writer.  Here’s a replay of the radio program “On Point” with Tom Ashcroft on NPR where he interviews Ms. Pope and one of the doctors quoted in the article.  Bottom line: science tells us those lost pounds want to return, insist on returning, react as if they are part of your survival as a species and they’ll need do every low down mean trick to insure survival.  Here’s just one.  Following a weight loss, the body amps up your appetite so you feel hungrier than when you were dieting.

Dirty Tricks worthy of Dick Nixon.

If you have ever wondered, despaired over losing and then regaining the weight, read this article and listen to this podcast.

It’s July 4th.  A rainy, gray July 4th.  I went to my condo pool at 6:30 AM in the pouring rain with my floppy garden hat on and my bathing suit and did 25 minutes of water aerobics.

In the rain?  Yes.  All by myself.  Yes. 25 minutes? Yes.

Because 62 lost pounds are still trying to find me and I’ll be damned if they are going to find me today.


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